Or flying by the seat of Simons' pants...

Once upon a time, two twenty-something would-be-heroes were putting the world to rights over a Nepalese curry and a beverage or two, when they spied a little vegetarian café in the fabled land of Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury.
“Wouldn’t that be the perfect venue for a proper vegetarian restaurant?” sighed Simon. “One with scrumptious dishes and exciting ingredients that aren’t ten years behind the best restaurants in town?”
“Absolutely,” agreed Simon.
And then, after another beverage or two, they went home.
But their story didn’t end there. For the very next day, Simon drove past the vegetarian café just as a ‘For Sale’ sign was going up outside. He quickly called Simon, who called the estate agent, who called the sellers, who called off their search – and, just like that (or 12 weeks later, the solicitor’s equivalent of ‘just like that’), Simon and Simon found themselves in the freshly scrubbed kitchen of their brand new business venture, looking at each other.
“I have just one question,” said Simon.
“What’s that?” asked Simon.

What are we going to cook?

The truth is that the two Simons were pretty green themselves when they set up Greens restaurant in 1990. Although they met as co-workers in another Didsbury eaterie, neither was the chef – one was a waiter, while the other worked front-of-house.

Still, armed with enthusiasm, a couple of basic cookery books and a burgeoning sense of panic, they both took up the challenge of creating a menu for the new restaurant. And they haven’t looked back.

It's not your lifestyle, but your tastebuds we care about.

Now an acclaimed TV chef, Simon Rimmer continues to pioneer the very best in fresh, inventive vegetarian dishes for Greens, which are loved by veggies and non-veggies alike, thanks to our central ethos: “It’s not your lifestyle, but your tastebuds we care about.”

While Simon Connolly, the perfect genial host, has helped to make Greens justifiably famous for its warm hospitality, carefully selected wines and impeccably trained service. And the restaurant itself? Well, we’ve won a few awards over the years.
Greens Vegetarian