Simon Rimmer

In 1990, Simon Rimmer stood in the kitchen of his brand-new restaurant armed with two cookery books, absolutely no culinary experience and a mild sense of panic. He’s come a long way since then, with a thriving restaurant, Greens; four cookery books; and a successful career as a TV chef to his name.

The man himself puts that down to his ‘somewhat obsessive’ nature, which drove him from day one not merely to learn how to cook, but to learn everything he could about the art and science of cookery – leading to him hanging out at wholesale markets at 5am asking suppliers about ingredients, seasonal produce and what gives this mundane-looking sauce that sensational balance of flavours?

Insatiable curiosity also led him to champion ‘magpie cuisine’, shamelessly stealing from cultures across the world to develop dishes that are defined not by a negative absence of meat, but by the positive inclusion of fantastic ingredients and flavours that happen to be purely vegetarian.

Simon Rimmer continues to play a major role at Greens today, working in the kitchen, training new staff and creating fresh dishes that he deems worthy of inclusion alongside beloved menu favourites, such as his crispy oyster mushrooms, and the famous Cheshire cheese and sage sausages.


Simon Rimmer has become a household name, thanks to regular slots presenting (and cooking) on the BBC’s Something for the Weekend and, most recently, C4’s Sunday Brunch with friend and colleague Tim Lovejoy.

He has also made appearances on shows such as the BBC’s Great British Menu, Saturday Kitchen, Grub’s Up, Recipe for Success and Celebrity Mastermind.


Signed copies of Simon Rimmer’s four books – The Accidental Vegetarian, Rebel Cook, Lazy Brunch (with Tim Lovejoy) and Seasoned Vegetarian – are all available to buy at Greens.

Working with Simon

If you would like to work with Simon for an event, television appearance, or any other activity, please contact Laura Hill.

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