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The Story of Greens

Greens Restaurant window

Fate - or flying by the seat of Simons' pants ...

Once upon a time, two twenty-something would-be-heroes were putting the world to rights over a Nepalese curry and a beverage or two, when they spied a little vegetarian café in the fabled land of Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury.

“Wouldn’t that be the perfect venue for a proper vegetarian restaurant?” sighed Simon. “One with scrumptious dishes and exciting ingredients that aren’t ten years behind the best restaurants in town?”

“Absolutely,” agreed Simon.

And then, after another beverage or two, they went home.

But their story didn’t end there. For the very next day, Simon drove past the vegetarian café just as a ‘For Sale’ sign was going up outside. He quickly called Simon, who called the estate agent, who called the sellers, who called off their search – and, just like that (or 12 weeks later, the solicitor’s equivalent of ‘just like that’), Simon and Simon found themselves in the freshly scrubbed kitchen of their brand new business venture, looking at each other.

“I have just one question,” said Simon.

“What’s that?” asked Simon.

Inside Greens Restaurant
Vegetarian sausages at Greens Restaurant

What are we going to cook?

The truth is that the two Simons were pretty green themselves when they set up Greens restaurant in 1990. Although they met as co-workers in another Didsbury eaterie, neither was the chef – one was a waiter, while the other worked front-of-house.

Still, armed with enthusiasm, a couple of basic cookery books and a burgeoning sense of panic, they both took up the challenge of creating a menu for the new restaurant. And they haven’t looked back.

It's not your lifestyle, but your tastebuds we care about

Now an acclaimed TV chef, Simon Rimmer continues to pioneer the very best in fresh, inventive vegetarian dishes for Greens, which are loved by veggies and non-veggies alike, thanks to our central ethos: “It’s not your lifestyle, but your tastebuds we care about.”

While Simon Connolly, the perfect genial host, has helped to make Greens justifiably famous for its warm hospitality, carefully selected wines and impeccably trained service. And the restaurant itself? Well, we’ve won a few awards over the years… Find out more about us – our staff and the charities we support.


  • 2009 Best 'Non-Approved' – Vegetarian Society Awards
  • 2004 Restaurant of the Year – Manchester Food and Drink Awards
  • 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008 – Best Provision for Vegetarians, Manchester Food and Drink Awards
  • AA Rosette since 2000

Key Personnel

Simon Connolly, Co-owner

While Simon Rimmer is the public persona of Greens, peek behind the scenes and you’ll find the smiling face of co-owner Simon Connolly, who has been an intrinsic part of the restaurant’s success from day one.

Both Simons worked in the kitchen in Greens’ early days, discovering together an enduring love of culinary creativity. Later, as Simon R’s profile grew, Simon C was happy to move to front-of-house, where his warm courtesy, unobtrusive organisation skills and knowledge of wine came to the fore. Still, his gastronomic interests couldn’t be quelled, and in 2004 he set up an independent catering company. 

Today, Simon C Catering is a thriving north-west business, preparing veggie and non-veggie dishes for occasions from bespoke weddings and corporate events, to charity lunches and intimate dinner parties. Despite the success of his side-venture, Simon has been constant to his first love throughout, and remains full of plans for Greens.

Direct Email: simoncgreens@aol.com or simon@didsburycatering.co.uk or call 07866 413238

Meet our happy band


Rees, Manager

You’ll find Rees… Grafting (such a slave to the cause)
Favourite thing about Greens… The atmosphere – everyone loves it
Loves… Music, travel, art
Loathes… The night bus, the Archers, Heat magazine
Wants to be… An astronaut (in remembrance of Neil)
Favourite Greens dish… Kofta – it tastes great and you can play ball with it

Satu, Manager

You’ll find Satu… Serving customers, at the office and playing with loyalty cards
Favourite thing about Greens… The people I work with and the food
Loves… My fiancee, my son, my pets
Loathes… Clowns, flying, fake people
Wants to be… just a bit taller
Favourite Greens dish… Feta filo pie – the perfect balance of sweet and savoury
Matt, Chef at Greens Restaurant

Ben, Sous Chef

You’ll find Ben… in the kitchen cooking on gas
Favourite thing about Greens… ME!
Loves… my partner and our unborn child
Hates… Nothing
Wants to be… I'm everything i wanted to be
Favourite Greens dish… Tom sum salad, Spring salad or the Goan curry

Tom, Head Chef

You’ll find Tom… In the kitchen crafting
Favourite thing about Greens… Vegetables
Loves… Elf (his dog, not the movie)
Hates… The list would be longer than war and peace
Wants to be… An Astronaut
Favourite Greens dish… Any of our Curries

Simon, Manager

You’ll find him… Waiting tables and plumping cushions
Favourite thing about Greens… The customers and the staff
Loves… Gin Martinis, Miss Marple, My dog
Loathes… Inconsiderate cyclists, automated phone services, 
Wants to be… A tale told around the camp fire
Favourite Greens dish…Greens burger, it's fit!